2017 Missions

2017 Missions To Date

56 Missions, 3,095.2 Member Hours
DateMissionMembers InvolvedTotal Member Hours
January 2Runaway Teen (China Springs)21127.8
January 8Flood Evacuations25162.0
January 11Road Closure for Downed Power Pole (DCSO Assist)322.5
January 14Out of Bounds Boarders (Palisades)1663.3
January 15Lost Boarder (Daggett Drainage)26176.1
Lost Boarder (Daggett Frainage)26169.4
Lost Boarders Below Ridge Tahoe26133.8
Lost Skiers (Daggett Drainage)26117.7
Lost Boarder (Mott Canyon)26111.2
January 20Lost Skiers (Daggett Drainage)713.7
January 22Missing Child-Cancelled in Route (Kahle Drive)1725.2
January 29Overdue Travelers-Cancelled in Route (DCSO Assist)1020.0
Lost Boarders (Taylor Canyon)1768.3
February 3Stranded Boarder below Galaxy912.0
February 9Traffic Control (DCSO Assist)18142.5
February 10Traffic Control-Kingsbury Grade (DCSO Assist)1022.1
February 17Stranded Snowboarder (Mott Canyon)1773.1
February 22Missing Boarder (El Dorado Mutual Aid)314.0
February 26Injured Hiker Carry Out (El Dorado Mutual Aid)837.8
February 28Stranded Four-Wheeler-Cancelled In Route (Leviathan Mine Rd)812.8
March 2Stranded Four-Wheeler (Sunrise Pass)750.2
March 5Out of Bounds Skiers (Palisades)1342.6
Motorists in Distress (leviathan Mine Rd)1374.9
March 7Monument Creel Rescue19104.1
March 11Lost Skier (Mott Canyon)1358.8
March 14Stranded Four-Wheeler (Lone Pine Canyon Rd)633.5
April 3Missing Person (Gardnerville)1431.1
April 9Lost Skier Below Ridge Tahoe1345.2
April 21Overdue Hikers-Cancelled In Route (Genoa Canyon Trail)1015.0
April 22Overdue Aircraft (Sierra County Mutual Aid)124.0
April 26Missing USFS Employee (Tuolumne County Mutual Aid)33.0
April 30Injured Bicyclist-Cancelled In Route (Clear Creek Trail)1211.0
May 26Stuck Hiker (Bentley Heritage Trail)926.3
June 6Fire Evacuations/Traffic Control-Cancelled In Route (Topaz Lake)1313.0
Lost Hiker (Tahoe Rim Trail Kingsbury to Spooner)19132.5
June 9Missing Kayaker (El Dorado Mutual Aid)212.0
June 15Fallen Horseback Rider-Cancelled In Route (EFFPD Assist)135.4
June 16Evidence Search (DCSO Assist)416.0
Stranded Hikers-Cancelled In Route (Tahoe Rim Trail)69.0
June 17UTV Accident in Rickey Canyon (Lyon County Mutual Aid)620.8
July 1Evidence Search (DCSO Assist)727.4
July 24Preacher Fire Evacuation Notification954.0
August 16Stranded Four-Wheeler (Leviathan Mine Road)960.8
August 19Traffic Control for Downed Powerline (Ruhenstrth)25.0
August 20Missing Person (Terrace View Drive)419.0
August 22Missing Cyclist (El Dorado Mutual Aid)310.7
August 30Slinkard Fire Evacuations (DCSO Assist)17138.8
August 31865.5
September 11072.9
September 4Missing Hiker (Tahoe Rim Trail)20176.3
September 10Evidence Recovery (DCSO Assist)34.4
October 3Highway Closure - Slinkard Fire839.3
October 8Injured Hiker Carryout El Dorado Mutual Aid (Mt. Tallac)25.5
October 17Stranded Motorist near Glenbrook413.3
October 27Missing Person (End of Andria)1887.3