2018 Missions

2018 Missions To Date

32 Mission, 1,912 Member Hours
DateMissionMembers InvolvedTotal Member Hours
October 9Vehicle Rollover517.1
October 8Evidence Search (DCSO Assist)1028.7
September 14Missing Hikers on the Rim Trail (Cancelled En Route)810.0
September 10-11Vehicle Roller on Sunrise Pass Rd.752.2
September 9Missing Hiker from Glenbrook (Op Period 2)825.0
September 8Missing Hiker from Glenbrook (Op Period 1)1060.2
September 8Missing Hiker on Rim Trail14102.0
August 22Missing Hikers (Tahoe Rim Trail)1231.0
August 19Missing Mountain Biker (Tahoe Rim Trail1381.6
August 5Missing Boater in Lake Tahoe (Day 2)10117.0
August 4Missing Boater in Lake Tahoe18137.9
July 9James Fire Road Control1460.9
July 8Fire below Topaz Lodge (Cancelled Enroute)824.0
July 4Overdye Hiker (Rim Trail)1230.0
June 17Lyon County Mutual Aid for Fire Evacuations1167.0
June 3Water Rescue Carson River - Apline SAR Mutual Aid (Cancelled Enroute)56.7
June 2Missing Tubers on Carson River15113.0
May 21Topaz Mud Slide1960.2
April 29Injured Hiker - EFFPD Assist (Genoa Trail)1972.8
April 21UTV Rollover (Pinenuts) - Cancelled Enroute1311.3
April 2Missing Person-Carson City Mutual Aid (Brunswick Canyon)972.5
April 1Traffic Control (Casino Corridor)13116.8
March 29Missing Snowmobiler on TRT1597.7
March 16Lost Snowboarders-Van Sickle Park519.2
March 15Injured Skier Carryout (El Dorado Co. Mutual Aid)831.3
March 2Stuck Vehicle in Pinenuts737.0
February 22-23Rescue of Skiers on TRT (Mott Canyon)34256.8
February 21DCSO Assist-Airplane Parts Recovery531.8
February 20DCSO Assist-Aircraft Parts Search660.0
February 19Drone Search for Missing Aircraft Parts410.0
January 25Lost Skier/Boarder (Mott Canyon)1845.3
January 6Stranded Motorist (Sunrise Pass Rd)525.0