2019 Missions

2019 Missions To Date

33 Mission, 1,751 Member Hours
DateMissionMembers InvolvedTotal Member Hours
July 1Evidence Search17117.8
June 22Injured Hiker Genoa Canyon Trail (EFFPD Mutual Aid)1368.8
May 30Missing Jeep Sunrise Pass Rd1079.8
May 16Muller Lane Traffic Control (EFFPD Mutual Aid)-Cancelled in Route54.5
March 29Lost Skier Mott Canyon Creek313
March 27Kingsbury Grade Road Closure (Weather)421
Traffic Control (Downed Tree)414
March 15Lost Skier Mott Canyon735
March 9Lost Snowboarder Mott Canyon1050
February 28Lost Snowboarder Near Galaxy1232
February 24Stuck Vehicles on Leviathan Mine Rd69.5
February 21Lost Skier Mott Canyon48
February 20Lost Skier Mott Canyon1494.5
February 19Missing Skier at Heavenly Second Operational Period737
February 18Missing Skier at Heavenly First Operational Period16124.8
February 17Disoriented subject on Roadway24
Lost Boarder out Firebreak1775.3
February 12Five Creek Rd Mutual Aid1445.5
February 11Lost Skiers (6) under Gondola1470
February 10Lost Skier under Gondola17114.8
February 5Lost Skier off Granite Crest1562.5
February 3Lost Snow Boarder above Van Sickle1047.3
February 2Lost Skier Under Gondola721
January 18Lost Skiers Mott Canyon720.8
January 15Evidence Search Riverview and US395612
January 14Evidence Search Dresslerville to SR881056
January 13Lost Skier on Kingsbury Grade25
Evidence Search near Dangberg Ranch1845
Topaz Lake Recovery-Second Operational Period218
January 12Out of Bounds Skier1898.7
January 12Topaz Lake Recovery-First Operational Period1559.8
January 6Lost Snowshoer on Tahoe Rim Trail32278.5
January 3Hazmat Incident Traffic Control37.5